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Julia Lesiak

Hi, I'm Julia and I'm a graduate from Norwich University of the Arts

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Julia Lesiak


University/School: Norwich University of the Arts

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Fashion DesignStylingTextilesWomenswear

Hi, I'm Julia and I'm a graduate from Norwich University of the Arts

I'm a womenswear designer, I’m a person who likes to get hands-on, I enjoy making as well as sewing and I enjoy challenging myself by using different textiles techniques and facilities, such as 3D printer and laser cutting. I develop my skills through incorporating machinery to my studio practice and applying it to my designs.

In the past, I think my greatest success in designing has come through using different techniques. Finding new techniques that I can use in my project, inspired me to create more abstract designs.


My initial idea started from a trip to London.

It all started from a weekend in London. I was amazed by the architecture- lines, structures and variety of shapes. Through the project I have explored the concept of innovative design within a fashion context. My main inspiration was modernism in architecture. To create design with a clear contemporary focus I have looked into Japanese idea of origami to gain more inspiration and create shapes representing architectural structures.

The project evolved following my research for my research report. I stumbled upon the 3D printing topic and decided it would be interesting to research more in depth and include it in my studio practice. I have realised that filaments used for 3D printing are sustainable as they can be reused. By this project I would like to promote the use of technology in fashion design to make it more sustainable.





ABSTRUCTURE Major Final Project. Inspired by futuristic architecture and idea of Origami and Paper Folding in the Japanese culture.

'Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear'
Fashion DesignStylingTextilesWomenswear